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Intellectual Property Management
Poskanzer & Associates has assembled a formidable array of tools and resources for its clients benefit. These include resources for searching & finding patents and technologies that are not generally known; resources for market evaluation and valuation for sale or licensing; tools for marketing technologies and finding out exactly who the principal players are. Additionally, we have a full cadre of patent counsel. If you have a patent and license portfolio that needs to be “managed”, we have the administrative tools to do that as well.
Intellectual Property Management


Poskanzer & Associates provides an array of business services focused around the transfer and commercialization of new technology. Typically, emerging technology arises from university research. Such technology often finds its way into established corporations or becomes the basis for new company formation.

Additionally, many companies seek to collaborate with universities but are often frustrated by university procedures and the academic culture. Poskanzer & Associates is truly "bilingual" and can bridge the gap between corporate / business priorities and academia. As specialists in technology, Poskanzer & Associates can recognize business opportunities and make recommendations to clients as such new opportunities become available.

Poskanzer & Associates has recently added an additional service.  We have teamed up with Foresight Science & Technology in Providence, RI to provide formalized technology assessment and market assessment services.  If you have a new innovation and need to make a patenting decision or to have the technology evaluated to assist in license negotiations or for the benefit of investors, there are several levels of research and reports we can provide.  Please refer to



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